BPO Services


Creativez Technologies started out with inbound call center but later incorporated outbound as well as web enabled call center customer service in its portfolio. We help our esteemed clients to be with their customers round the clock. This allows the corporations to focus dedicatedly on their core businesses enabling them to manage growth and scale, build rapid 'time-to-market' and quick execution models, reduce costs and enable migration of best practices, technology and processes from the outsourced partner. “To bring excellence in Service” is the core motto of BPO Creativez Technologies.

Our highly competent team bring best call center services and BPO services in the industry by using innovative technology. We help our clients to “maintain beneficial and long term connections with their customers” by keep on finding new and better ways.

We at Creativez Technologies BPO Services, committed to build scalable and high value call center customer service solutions that bring about prolonged customer success. We do not lag behind in using the sphere of the World Wide Web for sales and marketing campaigns of our clients. Internet marketing, online chat support, back office services, data processing support, etc. for customer acquisition, prospecting, lead generation and campaign management are some of our internet based support services. It helps in strategically targeting of customers by hitting them with ingeniously devised plans.

Major Services


Lead Generation

We help our customers in lead generation to bring prospective consumer into a business product or services. We have the expertise which can help your business in the competitive market with genuine leads.

Transcription Services

We have the best people working with us on the Transcription services with excellent and wider knowledge.

Helpdesk Solutions

We at Creativez Technologies provides custom-made solutions for your business specifice requirement with enrich communications and customer service interaction helping your business to grow.

Customer Service

We at Creativez Technologies primarily focus on three elements of customer relationship management - customer acquisition, customer growth and customer care. We help you to setup and track the buying pattern of your customer. We helps you to detect market trend and along with that cusotmer acquisition for your products.

Responsive Webdesign

We create excellent responsive web design, which can be viewed on any screen size without compromising design work.
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All our designs are platform independent. We listen to you patiently before delivering the best result.
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other services



Web Development

We at Creativez Technologies, we are specialized in web based application designing and development. We keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest technologies and it enables us to provide end-to-end technical solutions and high end web services to our esteemed clients..





Web Hosting

CREATIVEZ TECHNOLOGIES is dependable in the sense that it offers unique web hosting services that are otherwise not available with any other web hosting company. We are working in conjunction with a number of reputed third party hosting companies for many years.



Mobile Apps Development

Creativez Technologies has a dedicated team of mobile apps developers, with experience in creating different innovative solutions for this platform. Our developers are specialists in developing user-friendly applications for the handheld devices.



Dedicted Hiring

CREATIVEZ TECHNOLOGIES helps you with dedicated hiring services for your upcoming projects. Try our services and enjoy the top quality emerging technologies with 24/7 support. Do not bother about any cost towards the start up or logistics.


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