Dedicated Hiring Services

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Dedicated Hiring Services

Creativez Technologies Services | Website DesignHaving a committed pool of employees is always good to establish you as an organization. But to take it to the next level, it is a crucial factor for every organization to hire efficient, smart, experienced and skilled resources. As projects differ from each other, the requirements also differ.
It takes a lot of effort to hire the right candidates, train them and make them seasoned for a particular project. Cost of training, infrastructure and other logistics is also a major factor. In a situation like this, dedicated hiring is the only solution that comes into play. Having dedicated and experienced professionals in your team is more beneficial and hassle free to cater the various needs of your business.

CREATIVEZ TECHNOLOGIES helps you with dedicated hiring services for your upcoming projects. Try our services and enjoy the top quality emerging technologies with 24/7 support. Do not bother about any cost towards the start up or logistics. We provide you the option of choosing resources as per your convenience and budget and assure you faster and inexpensive ways of successful project completion. Your hired resources will work as per your requirement defined at the beginning of your project as an offsite extended office. Just pay a fixed remuneration and hire the best talent from us.

Project based dedicated teams

CREATIVEZ TECHNOLOGIES is an offshore web application development company, headquartered in Kolkata, India. We are experienced in providing dedicated team of developers for ongoing long term development as well as customized development on a per project basis.

Project based development

Project based development is normally suited for any individual with well defined project scope. If you have any requirement, simply get in touch with us and we shall turn around within 24 hours with our detailed business proposal. The pricing model under this engagement model can be:

  • Fixed Price:

    This model is suitable when it is a relatively small project and all the deliverables are clearly defined under the project scope. We get your specifications, and then get back to you with our fixed quote and time estimations. As soon as we receive a work order and advance payment from you, we start the work and complete it within the agreed deadline meeting all of your requirements.

  • Partial multiple payments:

    This model is suitable when the scope of the project is much larger. The entire project is broken up into smaller modules for convenience. Uploading and testing follow completion of each module. The payments are also broken up and related to completion of each module. Our project methodology allows our customers to evaluate the work at every stage and change if necessary. It helps one to stay focused on the solution.

  • Offshore Dedicated Teams

    This is the best possible solution for you, if you are involved in an ongoing development that requires maintenance and support. We work as your in-house onsite team to support you with all your project requirements. We integrate your chosen offshore team, which is running its day to day affair at client location with your core development team.

    Benefits of having Offshore Dedicate team:

  • Knowledge Base: Our developers are experienced and have a solid knowledge base to help your cause.
  • Investment on Learning: Our continuous progressive investment in people, process and skill sets ensures the right expertise ready for your job.
  • Your Team: We help you to build your dream team. Your dedicated team is staffed either by your existing resources or by the best resources hired specifically for your project or a mix of both.
  • Lower Cost: The actual monthly per man hour cost is much lower than the rate on a per project engagement. Get in touch with us now to know more!
  • Project Manager: Competent project management to manage your team and projects.
  • Team Size: Based on your requirements the team size can be decided.
  • Team Focus: The chosen team is always focused on your business goals.
  • Infrastructure: Our state-of-the-art infrastructure is at your disposal.
  • Sign NDA: We always sign NDA to maintain confidentiality of our global clients. All intellectual property rights will be transferred to you at the end of the project.
  • Value Offer: Being in eastern part of India, the setup costs are lower and we have access to a large pool of talent.

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